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A Satisfied Customer

Fri 30th September | 0 comments

This testimonial is from a very satisfied customer in the Wollongong Area. They had their wedding at the bottom of a cliff at Mt Keira after abseiling down. They loved their cake so much, we don’t feel we really need to add anything more.

“When we decided to have a rock climbing wedding (as in, abseiling down a cliff to the ceremony, then climbing out afterwards), we never expected that the theme could continue to a wedding cake!

But then along came Chan the Cake Guru who said, ‘I will make you a cake and not just any cake, but a rock climbing cake’.

“Sure, that would be awesome”  we said, and expected a lovely cake with a couple of rock climbers in wedding attire perched on top.

Rock Climbing Cake - Front

What we saw on the cake table after we climbed out of our ceremony and walked on air to our reception was something that had to be seen to be believed! There was a beautiful, perfectly iced,  classic wedding cake in three tiers, with some climber’s rope around each layer. Gorgeous. But then, “look on the other side”, we were urged by the crowd that had gathered in awe.

And then we realised the other side of the cake was actually a cliff face! A cliff face complete with moss and rocks and two climbers – a bride and a groom wearing the same clothing as us, along with climbing harnesses – scaling that cliff!

Rock Climbing Cake - Back


We were stunned then and remain stunned months later. It was a pity to cut the cake but it was worth it. The tri-flavours – white chocolate, chocolate and red velvet were delightly and made a brilliant addition to the fruit platters for dessert. Photos of our very classy (not at all crass) rock climbing cake made the media – the Illawarra Mercury and some climbing and adventure magazines.

Rock Climbing Cake - Inside

Thanks to Channah for our awesome looking and awesome tasting cake.”

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