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Ebony and Ivory

Mon 14th November | 0 comments

When I was told I could have free reign to do a 60th Birthday Cake for an avid piano player who was planning to give a recital at her party, there was clearly only 1 option for me.

A Steinway Baby Grand set up for playing. I was beside myself with excitement as the birthday girl had no idea what was coming and with only a few weeks to plan – i was in for a busy time.

The finished Grand Piano

The vision for the cake was that it needed to be realistic and as true to life as I could manage so I contacted a very clever woodworking friend to help me put together the boards.

The Piano Skeleton

Once I had all of the hardware together (for the piano and the stool) I set about carving and shaping the cake.

Carving the Cake

I spent a bit of time researching the Steinway family of pianos and set about putting the keyboard, pedals and stool together.

The KeyboardThe PedalsThe Stool

I wanted a ‘carpet’ look to the board and the green matched some of the tableware at the party so was perfect.

Finished Product

As with all of our cakes – it was 99% edible as only the legs of the piano and stool were wood – the piano, lid, pedals, stand and ribs inside the piano were all munched up by the guests and family.

Cut Up Cake

The Birthday girl was very excited and this is what she had to say.

“Everyone who  saw the piano cake was speechless.  Such attention to detail, down to the Steinway crest, the quilted piano stool and the pins for the piano strings shows love, as well as skill and commitment.

We regret the vandalism necessary to access the delicious marbled mud cake.  Congratulations, clever Channah, caterer and cake artist extraordinaire”.


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